Bachelor Of Mechanical Engineering Germany

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Bachelor Of Mechanical Engineering Germany


Hey ISE students! Since some of you are just starting the program, I thought you might want to hear some tips/advice/encouragement from someone who’s completed the program (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering) and is now working here in Germany


work in germany mechanical engineering

First, being smart is NOT the most critical factor determining whether you will finish I saw a lot of smart guys and girls in the first semester who didn’t make it

Brain-power is important, but focus is even more important I spent just about every night (including Fridays and Saturdays) during the semester studying So you have to be willing to put in some serious time studying


The other important factor

is never giving up Unless you are some kind of super genius, you will fail exams Happens to everyone EVERYONE You will think you’re the only one, but trust me, you’re not Don’t let failing an exam discourage you Mechanics is hard FEE

(it’s called Network Analysis now) is hard If you’re doing mechanical engineering like I did, thermodynamics is hard Control engineering

is hard WKA (Wärmekraft- und Arbeitsmaschinen) is an absolute fucking nightmare But you can pass them

You also probably won’t finish in six semesters (It took me eight) Don’t let that discourage you, either I don’t know a single mechanical engineering student who actually finished in six semesters



Don’t stress too much about your grades unless you want to apply for a master’s program During job interviews, not one single company asked to see my ‘Notenspiegel’ or grade card

You should, however, take your internships seriously That’s where you will make contacts that will be important later when you’re looking for a job Companies want to see that you’ve had some practical, real-world experience If you can do more than the minimum, you should

Make friends You will need them for moral support, and often they will have study material (old exams, etc) that will be critical when preparing for exams

Don’t worry about the German language Even the courses taught in German usually offer the exam in English At the beginning,

  I thought the German language would be a problem, but I was wrong It was the course content that was the problem

I didn’t fail a single exam because of the language If I failed an exam, it was because the problems were hard!

Hope this helps Maybe some of the other people who have finished the program (or are at the end of it)!!

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