flying with a child is it best to fly into JFK or Newark

flying with a child is it best to fly into JFK or Newark

If flying with a child and infant is it best to fly into JFK or Newark

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Depends on ur location, and departure time


JFK if your hotel is picking you up

It’s all the same

Nah you should walk the ceilings are low

I would say Newark any time not quite as busy as JFK and I think easier to get into the city – you can take the train right to Penn Station

You can also take the Air Train to connect to the subway

Newark I’ve been to both and find Newark to be so much easier

JFK is more accessible to public transportation than Newark

Worry about what time to fly not the airport so much I always found it easier to fly at night

Doesn’t really matter, there are trains and cabs going from everywhere

IMO it really doesn’t matter be both airports are easily accessible I’ve traveled from both and never had problems finding quick and easy transportation Have fun!

I’ve only traveled into and out of La Guardia but I’m guessing they are all about the same when it comes to shuttle and taxi service

It depends where you are staying in the city

If I’m on the JFK plane go to Newark

I can’t see an airport making the difference

Cheryl in NY honestly distance is pretty much the same for them all east enough to get from to the city (I hope my previous message didn’t sound abrupt)

JFK because you’ll have to get from Newark to NYC which is going to be hassle in itself

LGA is easier to get into Manhattan

It doesn’t really matter Just take the cheaper flight If you were looking for really

amazing things to do in NYC with the kids you should checkout With Kids

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