from jfk to times square on the subway vs Taxi

from jfk to times square on the subway vs Taxi

from jfk to times square on the subway vs Taxi

Recommended cheap taxis from JFK to Times Square please ? Thanks

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Air train

Shuttles 17 dollars poor persona al Centro de Manhattan

No cheap taxis but from JFK to Manhattan there is a flat fee you pay Do not go with rouge taxis they say there cheap but not true

There’s no such thing as cheap taxis from JFK to Manhattan

Air train and tube easily done save a fortune
Think it cost me $750 all in 2 years ago

It’s only slightly higher now $775 last time I had to take both The E train from Jamaica (just off the Air Tran) goes to Times Square

Confused me when I saw the Jamaica sign thought it was a train to the Caribbean

5 dollars on the air train from JFK to link with the subway then I believe it’s about 275 now to times Square I stopped there too on 46th street

I didn’t have a clue either but fairly easy to navigate and plenty of helpful people

LaGuardia Lol still the train

I’ll be coming in to LaGuardia Lol still the train

From the LGA take M60 bus to the Astoria Boulevard and transfer to N train straight to the Times Square you will be on Times Square in less than hour, much cheaper and faster than with the taxi

I took the train from Newark to Penn Station and then took the subway to my hotel

Not odd at all we have always done it from JFK Last year was the first time I flew to Newark Easy to navigate to the train and then to Penn Station Use Google maps and it will tell you which subway train to take from Penn Station to your destination

New York cab is flat rate $45

Taxis from JFK are all fixed-price Take a shuttle bus or Airtrain+subway if you wanna pay less

All the taxis I think are going to be the same price


Howard Beach and the A Train to Manhattan

Take the Air Train to Howard Beach and the A Train to Manhattan If you are going to be there more than a couple of days buy the weekly unlimited pass You can add that pass on to your air train card and save $1

I just took a Lyft from LGA into the city, it was $37
A taxi is usually around $55

Super Shuttle $21

Air Tran + The A train There’s no such thing as a cheap taxi that’s why New Yorkers take the subway

Subway or shuttle bus but subway might be faster, because shuttle stops for EVERY person in the bus

There is a shuttle bus that goes to Grand Central Station Then you can arrange additional transportation from there or take the subway Enjoy!

Think the first time I went 9 years ago was the same fixed fair Have a great trip

Why pay taxi when you can use public transportation for $275

Taxi from airport is a flat fee I believe around 65 plus tolls

You can get from JFK to Manhattan for $275, allot cheaper than London

Opps, misspoke, meant cheaper to get from JFK to Manhattan than LHR to the city center

Make sure you take a yellow taxi and not a ride from one of the guys that offer you a lift while waiting on line there is a set price for going into the Manhattan There should be taxi dispatchers where you get the cab

Start walking now you will make it someday says on the right road to time square Karim Bronx tesk

Jfk shuttle to Jamaica station Then LIRR to Penn station Which is Manhattan 34th an 7th avenue Then take yellow cab ITS IMPORTANT YOU BUY LIRR TICKET AT JAMAICA STATION Otherwise on train ticket is very expensive But I think total will be $12 Plus cab fare from 34th to 42nd st

get UBER or Juno app to get the cheapest

Being a taxi driver in NY, I would suggest you to get UBER or Juno app to get the cheapest taxi fare for that route and if you want cheaper than I would suggest you to take Air train from JFK to Jamaica or Howard beach station for subways which will cost you in total not more than $10lol

Check with NYC TLC but I believe it may be a flat rate




It’s a flat fare I think 35 from either airport to anywhere in Manhattan

Air train from your terminal to Jamaica Station

No such thing Take the Air train from your terminal to Jamaica Station ($850 – $5 for Air train, $250 for subway and $1 Metro Card) You’ll purchase ticket at Jamaica Station And swipe to exit Air train area Take E train to 42nd Street or, hop on the LIRR (about $10 I believe) and take it to Pennsylvania Station LIRR is a little faster but either will get you to Times Square in about 30-40 minutes Just reverse this when you’re ready to return to JFK

Super shuttle was $3500 maybe still this cheap

We flew to Newark and it was $90 with no tip that was from airport to our hotel in the Theater district it was late and we had a 2 year old with us can’t do luggage and a pram was the best option for us!


Share an Uber with a new friend  to Jamaica station

Share an Uber with a new friend from your flight! Cheapest is air train to Jamaica station metro cost 7$ in total and take same time as cab Google maps is your friend!

I used Lyft when I was there it was pretty reasonable I think I paid somewhere around 15 dollars from LaGuardia to 32nd Street

A very affordable $18 airport bus leaves from port authority



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