NYC hotel times square cheap New york city hotel family room

NYC hotel times square cheap New york city hotel family room

NYC hotel times square cheap New york city hotel family room

Asking a vacation trip “second week of December” to NYC What hotel recommendations do you guys have for a family of 5 (3 teens) Most hotels do not accommodate a big family


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Looking to stay in Brooklyn, but open to any recommendations you guys might have


I always stay in the financial district It’s just a few subway stops away and it’s cheaper and it’s very nice I was just at the Hilton right across from the old twin towers location it was a very nice hotel

I never recommend staying in time square that’s just my personal opinion but, I’ve been there many times and I know the subway systems pretty well New York is really safe now you see kids on the subways by themselves


I’ve also stayed out in Queens and different boroughs If you want to stay in Manhattan now I would suggest the financial district personally


Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown

Well I know I’ve stayed in Queens but that’s when I worked at the airlines and I said it the Hampton Inn because I got it next to nothing Like $30 a night,


I’m getting back into the airlines so that’s probably where I’ll stay again every time I go However,


it wasn’t a bad hotel and it was right by LaGuardia and they do have shuttle service to drop you off and it’s right next to the train so that’s another option Honestly I can’t really give you any suggestions on Brooklyn because that’s one place


I haven’t stayed but I have visited Unless you have family out there it might be best to stay in Queens or closer to the city just because you have more access but that’s just my opinion Always check on discount sites though Especially


if you’re looking in December but you’re probably going to be paying some high rates since its holiday season good luck The place I stayed last week the Hilton, millennium on Wall Street was wonderful


Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown

Hyatt Place Hotel accommodate 5 in one room and not too pricey

Top New york hotels near times square

Can anyone recommend a really nice, REASONABLE hotel? I prefer the boutique type but chain types are ok too Thanks in advance


The Roger hotel it’s called now Madison and East 31st street


We stayed at Park South about 5 years ago small rooms but very modern we loved it

Sheraton Time Square


We stay at the W’s Very modern and great locations throughout the city

Michelangelo hotel midtown west 51st and 7th Ave


That is my favorite Stayed there 3 times last year I love the corner suites and the location


Sleep Inn in long Island City


Candlewood Suites, Times Square

They are like Studio apartments with a full kitchen

Jane hotel on Jane st 10000 a night NYC best kept secret

The Jane is cool but goes, for a medium or suite The bunk rooms are very small But it’s a great spot for the money

Depends on what your definition of reasonable is I usually stay on a budget

I have stayed in guest houses the last 2 times, and it’s worked out well If it’s just you & 1 other person, check them out The first one is called La Sienna & the 2nd one is

Central Park North I liked La Sienna better though, the owner keeps it spotless The other one was clean, but the walls were thin

I know what you mean but I use hostels I don’t have a suggestion since what NY does is boutique luxury like the Standard and the Ian Schrager ones The Chelsea totally gone? Check Kempton yet

The Missing Lantern in Brooklyn is fantastic

Holiday Inn on 6th and 26th! Great people and newly renovated

I always ask what you are planning on doing For example, is your trip is going to be based uptown at the museums or are you going to downtown, 9-11 memorial, and statue of liberty? There’s no sense getting a cheap hotel if you’re going to be spending a few $100/day on taxis getting around

Go downtown to see 911 tributes
Also fun in little Italy/China town cheap lunch lots of little shops and learning other cultures

South Street seaport also lots of fun
Wear comfortable shoes lots of walking Also Greenwich Village shops street vendors around 8th Street My teens loved it

I stayed in the Skyline hotel on 10th ave in Hell’s Kitchen


how much do hotels cost in new york

Can someone recommend a great hotel that won’t break the bank for a week in NYC

Try Marriott and the Hilton web pages! We live 10 min out side of NYC (we actually see the skyline from our house LOL) and stay overnight often! We always get deals

Groupon has some good deals check it out!! Have fun and be safe


subway lines and walking

Hotel Mulberry Mulberry St, Chinatown Great views in walking distance to World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, and little Italy

View from 9th floor Hotel Mulberry

Washington Jefferson on W51st You’d be better to call and book directly through the hotel It’s very convenient to subway lines and walking distance to theaters and Times Sq

Best western in Long Island city queens Incredible people, 500 for a week & they brought us to the top of the hotel to see the sky line & it was a subway ride from the city!

I’ve stayed at the Wellington hotel a few times Close to central park and Times Square and reasonably priced Enjoy your stay where ever you go

First time I stayed at Wellington hotel, close to central park and to Times Square Second time, last week, I stayed at Washington Square hotel at VILLAGE Both hotels are good

Also check out Groupon I see a lot of deals for New York The last place I stayed was the Belvedere good location

I love the Aloft Harlem It is a great hotel with a great train station nearby that will take you anywhere And it’s such a cool neighborhood Lots of great restaurants within walking distance and easy access to the attractions

Motel 8 Secaucus NJ right of the first stop after Lincoln tunnel Probably about 80 dollars a night

Riverside Tower Basic, much likes a dorm room, but clean and in a great location Excellent price!


really nice hotel Times Square

Try Novotel Times Square, I’m staying there this summer I got on sale for around $280 USD per night & it’s a really nice hotel

Dazzler downtown Brooklyn convenient to e everything 5 minutes to Manhattan

Residence inn Central Park, use AAA if you have it great discounts

The Westin in Times Square Just stayed there in May Reasonably priced, clean, great staff

The Belvedere Hotel great location a couple blocks from Time Square on 48 Street

Check the hotels near Queensbury Plaza in Queens 10 minutes into Times Square

Paper Factory in Long Island City Very convenient via subway

The Edison hotel right on Times Square and really reasonable price! Very clean and nice staff too x

Have stayed there many times! Mainly because their breakfasts are unbelievable

Amsterdam court hotel on 50th just off Broadway I got a good deal about 3 years back Great location It’s 3 stars but really should be 4 Rooms maybe a little bit smaller than you’d like but it’s the best hotel I’ve used in 10 holidays in NYC I’ve used 5 in total

Hilton Times Square on 42nd Street You can find good deals Great hotel right in the middle of all the action and several subways Great breakfast I have stayed there twice

Millennial Marriott on lower west side Rates are decent and free breakfadtclose to subways Yes millineal is misspelled


tourist attractions in New york city for families

flying with a child is it best to fly into JFK or Newark

Average cost of living in New York city Of New York residents

from jfk to times square on the subway vs Taxi


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