What is the cheapest way to get from LaGuardia to Times Square

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What is the cheapest way to get from LaGuardia to Times Square

 cheapest way to get from LaGuardia to Times Square

This article is a point of view for many people traveling and living in New York City and  the most experienced transfer to Times Square

M60 It’s an Express bus that runs from LaGuardia into Manhattan

Take the NYC Bus M60 This takes you over the RFK bridge and goes along 125 street in Manhattan Take this bus to 125 st and St Nicholas ave and take the A subway train to 42 st

When I first to nyc from the mountains of NC I was not afraid to take the m60 and I was moved to Harlem to please DONT lesson to everyone just take what you think is best but I think m60 is faster

Q70 SBS To Jackson Heights Roosevelt Avenue and change to the E train to Port Authority Bus Terminal, F train to 42nd Street Bryant Park, R train to Times Square 42nd Street or 7 train at 74th Street/Broadway or 61st Street Woodside


taking subway from laguardia to times square

The Q70 bus goes non-stop from LGA to 74th Street-Roosevelt Ave station There are 5 subway lines at that station (The E, F, M, R, and 7) and all of them will go to the Times Square area That station doesn’t have escalators though so you will have to carry the bags up or down a couple flights of stairs

There’s an express bus for $16 many terminals pick up

Subway is slightly more expensive than walking, but worth the cost

M60 to the 456 or 23

Q70 – E train – Time square

M60 bus to 125 then takes train downtown


is there a train from laguardia to times square

We stayed at Marco LaGuardia hotel and used the train the whole 6 days that we were there a weeks ago

Take the M60 bus to 125th st and Lenox ave Take 2 to 42nd

The best way to go, but it is a light luggage route Total fare $275 per person You will need a Metro Card that can be bought at the Airport Get a seat with a view out the left side of the bus

First Take the Bus, and then Take the Subway on the E Train from Roosevelt Avenue to 42nd Street and Walk to Get There

M60 ($275) bus from LGA to Broadway then take the M104 South (about $400) all the way to 41 st and 8 ave and you will be one block from time square

Q70 from LGA to Woodside 61st and take the 7 train to Times Square

We used the train the whole 6 days with no trouble at all other than getting lost a couple of times lol!! It was our first visit in NY we stayed near LaGuardia Airport / Flushing

Bus M60 to Woodside 61st station and take the 7 train to 42nd street

I paid $32 yellow cab from airport to hotel in Times Square Just me and the driver

Subway, Bryant Park stop I love Times Sq so much

Just take a taxi so you don’t get lost, and make sure you ask how much first, or Uberwith all the construction and you will have luggage why take a chance, so it’s a few dollars more, rather be safe than sorry

Q70 to Roosevelt ave Transfer there to E or F train to forty deuce


M60 bus from laguardia to times square

Bus M60 till Astoria Blvd and then you take the N train to 42 it will cost you 275

M60 from LGA to Harlem on 125th St and take 2 or 3 train to Times Square

I just get in the taxi lineup usually about 25$ for the 4 of us from LGA to the Omni Berkshire Place not bad and so EASY

Lyft ride share is less than $20 if I remember correctly maybe not the cheapest but easiest


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