Places to visit in New York state in winter December January

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Places to visit in New York state in winter December January

This article is about Places to visit in New York state in winter December January
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We’ve just booked our first holiday to new York 27th December to 2nd Jan I know it’s probably a mad time to come for a first visit but only time we could do it. Anyway I’m hoping some of you lovely people can help by giving me some/any advice lol any advice at all would be greatly appreciated as we have no idea about anything apart form doing the obvious tourist things, but do we need to buy some sort of pass for those in advance? Do we use taxi’s or subway (is it safe?) also we love food so any recommendations would be very welcome thank you


subway in new york city directions

We used subway even over New Year police about so safe. Buy a 7 day unlimited one works out better value for money

So much we could share. What part of town are you staying? How many in your party? Narrow down visiting the city in chunks. Don’t plan on visiting 9-11 museums on the day you are going to Central Park, for example, as they are quite far from each other and take several hours

Subways are pretty safe. Weather will depend on Best mode of travel. You can get a 7 day unlimited card for like $32 (each person) for subway. In the winter you may want to do this as walking may be difficult.

Subways are perfectly safe. Six million people ride the subways every day, from the very rich to the very poor.

You can buy an unlimited seven day pass at any station. It’s good for one ride every half hour anywhere in the system. It’s your best bet. You get them from a little machine in the mezzanine.

Taxis are more expensive, but sometimes are a better option for a one-off trip. They have machines in the back so you can pay by credit card.

Obviously, Uber and Lyft are quite effective too


central park new york in december winter

If you’re staying in midtown, you’ll have your hands full with the normal tourist sites: The tree in Rock. Center, window displays along 5th Ave., Empire State Building, Time Square. If you want to see the Statute of Liberty, but not concerned about climbing it, take the Staten Island Ferry as it’s free, and passes right by the Statute. Umberto’s in Little Italy is worth a trip for eating, but then there’s Katz’ Deli worth

a visit also, along with 1000’s of other culinary delights. Not sure what goes on in Central Park during the winter, but Lennon’s memorial (strawberry fields) is nice. Lot’s of Broadway plays if you’re interested, and easiest way to get tickets is at the Kiosk in Times Square. 9/11 memorial is pretty impressive, but in downtown. So, you could knock that out with Little Italy and Chinatown if you choose to go there. Subways are totally safe and much cheaper and quicker than taxis.

The time of year is what makes this tricky – Most of the best sites are outdoors, and it’s going to be well below zero at New Years. Plus, the entire island is going to be crowded.

Just a few suggestions, though – Check out The Winter Garden, make your way to Arthur Ave for dinner and definitely make sure to hit The Natural History Museum.

If you come back during the warmer months, I’ll have a few dozen places you need to visit

It will be great the Rocket’s in full swing and the theaters all have great Christmas specials

We have gone there every year at Christmas and love it
Subways yes
One absolute is the 911 museum allow three hours, it will move you

Central park is better than Times Square for new years. The city will be crazy but fun

Central park on New Years Eve is like a carnival. There is a midnight race. The people are amazing. Also for ice skating skip Rockefeller do woll man rink or Bryant Park. Check out Union Square and Bryant Park Christmas markets


Central park. Check out New York

Central park. Check out New York road runners club midnight run. A lot of people go to cheer the people on. Its fireworks and free Champaign

You will love it we went the end of January a couple of years ago it was -13 most days but it was an experience. We never felt threatened at all and used subway all the time. Try to do a concert at Madison Square garden it was a great atmosphere. A Broadway show is also a must. If you do the Rock and empire state try to do one at night and one during the day to get both perspectives. What ever you do it will be awesome.

NY Botanical Gardens Train Display-Bronx -check weather before you pack for hint of what to expect maybe in 10’s -maybe below zero with the wind chill can vary-Stay away from Times Square on New Years Eve-Too crazy-too many security check points-Lots of different types of museums depending on interests-The Tree- Bryant Park Christmas Shoppe’s-and ice skating so much Have fun

Ahead of time. Pay attention to holiday hours at ticket booths. Use seaport location for shorter lines. If u buys a ticket at times square booth, keep stub and u will go to front of line the next day. I would skip statue of liberty tour. Line way too long, just take free Staten isle ferry for good view if u want but probably too cold. But definitely the store window decorations and the tree at Rockefeller center. Download subway map ahead of time to your home phone. It’s worth it. I would see Times Square for a short walk and then get out of there. It will be too crazy. Maybe the rocket’s show. I did not go but people seem to like it. Oculus subway stop and 911 memorials incredible! Enjoy! I would avoid late night walks back from subway at night in certain areas but otherwise was good to use


Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum

Download the Subway app, super easy, safe and economical. Book a car service from and back to the airport (try Carmel, I love their service, the website is helpful, no surprise charges and online coupons) Lyft, not Uber, taxis’ are super expensive and will take you the long way around if you act like a tourist, you will still be able to see the Holiday windows at all the major department stores and Fifth Ave…so lovely, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum, Radio City Christmas Show, you will see so much just walking around the city

Buy the guidebook, “New York City,” by DK. It is very good and has the different parts of Manhattan color coded. You can easily see what there is to see in each section. We have bought the New York Pass for two visits and felt it was a good deal. They have an excellent website. There are other passes but I only know about this one. I wouldn’t worry about the subway. We have never had a problem riding it. You might not want to be on it or at a subway stop late at night though.

Go to Dumbo and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Go to Ellis Island and definitely see the 9/11 memorial is life changing. Have dinner on the upper west side


central park new york in december winter


Best places to visit in New York city during Christmas

I’m sure you will have a memorable time. After Christmas is a nice time to visit because all the “Christmas” remains, while the crowds will be thinned. 

If you are from the UK, you already know about Dam art. I would never crave a NY winter without it. Their slogan, “Froid, moi? Jamais” is really true. I order from Damart every year.
So whether the weather is bitter cold and clear and sunny, or a little warmer, you will be prepared.
I love museums, and hugely recommend the Metropolitan Museum. If you go on Friday or Saturday evening, the Museum is open until 9 pm. There is live Chamber music on the balcony, where drinks and some food are served. An elegant, civilized setting to revive you, so you can continue.
The Baroque Christmas tree and crèche are worth seeing. You can also buy fabulous gifts in their shops

Other museums I love are the Frick Collection and the Morgan Library and Museum. The Merchants House Museum is nice st Christmas.
If you have a particular interest, I could give you personal suggestions. One of my clients from Australia is s doll house and miniature collector.
In terms of restaurants, it’s easy to find restaurants within your budget and taste. Zagat NYC and yelp rate restaurants. There is such s choice, but anyplace good needs to be reserved well in advance. For example, for the best steak dinner in the works, reserve two months in advance at Peter Lugar in Brooklyn.
For French, reserve at Balthazar or Augustine.
PM me if you would like more specific recommendations. I hope you have s fabulous NY experience.

Recommended nyc tours

I second the recommendation for the 9/11 Memorial. I would also add the Queen Elizabeth 9/11 Memorial Garden in Hanover Square. A gift from the Queen and the British people dedicated to the memory of those British citizens who perished on 9/11. Explore the Financial District. Have s nice dinner on Stone Street (we love Adrienne’s Pizza) we also had a nice dinner at Frances Tavern after going to Trinity Church on Wall Street. A ten minute walk


Rainbow Room at Rockefeller center.
Subways ok. Bus, surface transportation gives you a “tour” of city, topside.
HAYDEN planetarium at Museum of Natural Sciences. Uptown.
Shopping: Madison Ave/ 80’s

When you come out of the subway or a bus, use Purcell. The subways hand rails are very germy, millions of people hanging on to them. I always purell when I get out of the subway


NYC for the holiday season whenever

Go to NYC for the holiday season whenever we can. It’s spectacular. You’ll love the energy of the city. Yes the subway is safe and it’s clean for the most part. Know where you’re going. For breakfast, find a Greek diner. The food is always good, the restaurants well run & inexpensive. Our fave in near the corner of 57th & Lexington, sorry I can’t recall the name. Brooklyn Diner was the best pizza ever with a meatball the size of a baseball. BLT Steak is great for happy hour. The food is good, but I don’t like their small space & rushes service for dinner. NOBU has awesome sushi & cocktails. Central Park is beautiful any time of year. If there are sketch artists, have them do a sketch of you. They’re really very good

I recommend a cross body bag, don’t tote a large handbag around as you will get weary, extra phone battery, band-aids, headache meds (buying little things like that adds up on a vacay), scarf, gloves, rain poncho, comfortable flat walking shoes



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