cheap good steakhouse in nyc peter luger steak house

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cheap good steakhouse in nyc peter luger steak house

This is the best meat restaurant in NYC
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Anyone suggest a good steak house in NYC? Been recommended Mortens and Quality Meats

cheap good steakhouse in nyc

In Williamsburg Brooklyn Peter Lugers is the best steak house and being from Williamsburg I remember my dad and myself going there for lunch and dinner It was always so special and the food was delicious

Today for lunch a group of us were invited to a birthday party celebration at Peter Luger’s Steak House in BrooklynI had the Porterhouse Steak for 2 +baked potato+creamed spinach+breadkey lime pie was stellaromg so much foodLove it when you don’t have to pay the checkremember they don’t take credit cards but debit, checks and CASH

cheap good steakhouse in nyc
I don’t have a Peter Lugers where I live now Eileenbut we do have Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse which is pretty amazing There used to be a Chuck’s Steakhouse in Ft Lauderdale that was fantastic I lived in Florida for years

I was just in Garden City last month I didn’t know it was thereI will have to check out Bern’s next visit to Tampa

To feed 5, get the steak for 4 That will be plenty Get a couple of the German potatoes & creamed spinach Be careful not fill up on the terrific bread basket Enjoy

cheap good steakhouse in nyc

We have booked keens on recommendation for Oct Celebrating 50th birthday

Homestead on 10th Ave been there years it’s great and well worth the money Also there is one in Brooklyn too that’s good can’t think of name right now
Peter Lugers in Brooklyn that’s it

Beti Jaureguizaris it Angelo & Maxi?? If so, very good

The Peter Luger’s – Hands-down
Also, we can’t forget the Old Hempstead
I indicated earlier definitely Peter Luger’s first choice


cheap good steakhouse in nyc
Peter Luger in Brooklyn; Porter House, & Smith & Wollensky in Manhattan

Old Homestead: Some cranky old yurts of a waiter whisked away my martini before I had a chance to finish it & had “attitude” when I asked for a replacement the place is toast, in my opinion

Peter Lugar’s


Red Lobster do the best steak I have ever had, technically not a Steak house but still worth a visit

Homestead on 10th Ave been there for a very long time

Ruth’s Chris’s

Peter lugers Brooklyn

cheap good steakhouse in nyc

On 14th st and 3rd Ave there is a great steak house, very good food, nice waiters and not expensive at all I can’t remember the name right now, but it is a big place, easy to see

Uncle Jacks on 9th ave down near 35th st

And smith and Wollensky on 3rd around 48th have eaten in both Prefer the latter but both excellent

Was recommended on calls BLT in midtown but not been there yet

The Strip house there’s one in Midtown on W44th and one on E12th Great steaks and ruffled creamed spinach

Frankie and Johnnies

Delmonico food plus atmosphere Sparks is good too

Old Homestead Steakhouse

TriBeCa Grill

Smith and Wolensky Best New York Strip haven’t been there in a while, though


Peter Lugersunderneath the Williamsburg Bridge

Quality Meats is very good57 west 58st, Porter House New York, is excellent10 Columbus Circle , Keens Steak House, excellent,,,72 west 36st You can’t go wrong with any of those 3 places My cousin told me about these places

Del Frescos The best Or Strip House is great to

Gallagher’s is the best steak house in the world

Peter Lugers Steak House, Williamsburg, Delicious

Peter Luger, of course

Brooklyn = Peter Luger, Mid town = Smith & Wollensky lol bring lots of money for either

Keen Steak House is one of our favorites

Been to Peter lugers I think their over rated if you go good luck cause you need a reservation

Luger steaks are wonderful delicious

Peter Lugers No doubt

The smith and Wollensky Cajun rubbed ribeye is probably the best steak I have ever eaten and believe me it’s quite a few

5 of us ventured into Brooklyn for lunch, to eat at Peter Luger’s cheap good steakhouse in nyc Steak Housewe ended up with the large Porterhouse plus creamed spinach and german friesMartine didn’t like me taking a pic of her eating on her foodbest steak in AmericaBon Appetit


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