Travel program to NYC on a budget 6 day tour of NYC

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Travel program to NYC on a budget 6 day tour of NYC

Hi guys, me and my partner returned home today after a 5 nights / 6 day tour of NYC – this was our first time in the Big Apple and we loved it

we traveled to NYC we asked

Before we traveled to NYC we asked lots of advice / done research and came up with an itinerary which worked great for us This was more than manageable and gave us plenty time with as little stress as possible baring in mind the city is crazy busy

A lot of information can be overwhelming at first when you’ve never been before and so confusing so thought I’d share our itinerary with you guy it is very important to make a plan so things aren’t missed hopefully people especially first timers can use/share some of it and fit it into/around their trip

I’m definitely not by any standards very knowledgeable about the city as there were tones of stuff we didn’t do but for a first timer there I think we did okay

So here it is, hopefully this can help you in some way

 day tour of NYC Walked the High line

Day 1 shattered from traveling
Afternoon – Walked the High line
Evening – Times Square WOW

 Day 2  tour of NYC  Staten Island

Day time – Staten Island Ferry to see Statue of Liberty – Brooklyn Bridge – Wall Street
Evening – Sunset Top of the Rock

Day 3 tour of NYC World Trade Center

Day time – World Trade Center; memorial pools – 9/11 museum – One World Observatory
Evening – New York Comedy Club loved this

Day 4 tour of NYC  Empire State Building

Day time Lazy morning – Empire State Building
Evening – WICKED show Broadway 

Day 5 Central Park

Day 5 Central Park – Natural History Museum – Trump Towers
Evening – Ripley’s Believe it or Not – Times Square for the second time * ?loved M&M world *

Day 6 Macy’s – shopping day – flight home

We had plenty time to do everything and even though the place is very busy we didn’t feel too rushed

We spent an average of £150 a day but we did not scrape and if we wanted that ridiculously nice looking ice cream, we bought it

We didn’t plan our food very well, we simply just randomly found places as we went – we also went to a few places recommended by you guys on this site – so thanks for that


Things we didn’t do but plan to when we return

– Helicopter ride

– Baseball/Soccer game

– Madison Square Garden Gig

– Bus tour

This list will no doubt increase as the days continue haha

We also used the underground subway

a lot which was amazing and such a blessing It eased our trip ALOT Download the subway app, enter where you want to be and it tells you which platforms and which stations etc We paid $32 for a weeks subway pass – cannot recommend that enough

Sorry for rambling, the advice I have gained from this page has been amazing and thought it would be a good idea to pass on the little things I have picked up

Bloomingdales next time for shopping Macys is a tourist trap plus uniqlo for shopping Joes on 14th street for a slice Viniferous in 11th and 1st for a pastry Viselike for breakfast big gay ice cream for ice cream I recommend a salty pimp just a few ideas for next time

Don’t agree Macy’s is a tourist trap you can find many good deals there especially the one day sales


Honest there is juwalk the High Line Another thought

st so much going on I think it’s best to stick to a plan and accept you can’t do everything on your first visit We’ve experience of this at Florida and regretted rushing so much when we got home as you kinda feel like you didn’t take time to take anything in – if that makes sense lol x

You had the best plan and realizing you can’t possible see everything the first visit helps this will help the first time visitor tremendously

I am impressed that the first thing you did was walk the High Line Another thought is to bike along the West Side Highway It is flat and beautiful Also walk across the Brooklyn Bridge You are right, you don’t have to spend a lot of $

Super plan for your first trip to the Big Apple, that will help many to plan theirs I have been to NY 22 times and I still do not know it completely NY is really a state to return many times Have luck in planning your second trip

Take the train to other boroughs Manhattan

WOW glad your trip went well, I see you did the Staten Island Ferry, and hoping you didn’t miss the new light up fish carousel in Battery Park where the ferry docks if you missed it, see it when you return the darker, the better You guys should take up planning loved how your itinerary was set up

Also take the train to other boroughs Manhattan is not the only borough in NYC Must visit, if warm weather, Coney Island in Brooklyn along with Brooklyn Botanical Gardens In Queens take 7 train and get off at any stop and visit another country while still in NYC In Bronx you Jane the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens Don’t just stay in Manhattan


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