Transportation from JFK to Manhattan from JFK to midtown

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Transportation from JFK to Manhattan from JFK to midtown

Not long until go to New York leaving on 14th January then return 19th January what is best way go back to JFK airport on 19th at 3am in morning is subway what station do I get off for JFK Terminal4 need directions try look online telling me different ways get to air train any advice

Take the E train

Take the E train get off at Sutphin Blvd station Take the elevator all the way to the upper level and follow the signs for the Air Train to JFK

When you take the E train makes sure you’re on the Queens bound side

Subways still run that late at night but give you extra time as it may take a while for the train to arrive and the E may go local and stay at station longer times than usual

So maybe the best way for a woman to get to the airport JFK in the middle of the night, possibly with luggage would be to take a taxi, car service or an Uber

Driving from jfk to Orlando 

Driving from JFK to Orlando really wanted to so we could see parts of the country can anyone tell me where the tolls are and how much they charge roughly on the route down

driving from jfk to Orlando
No tolls on I95 south of Baltimore

Blue highways

driving from jfk to Orlando, Stick to the state routes or “blue highways” down along the east coast if you have the time to spend Tolls between 5 and 15 usd above Virginia Recommend going down through Delaware along the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia for great small town stops for food, shopping,

etc beautiful shore stops and light houses To the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel across the bay entrance to Virginia Beach A great town for a weekend stay and on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for more Below there I’m sure it’s pretty too but don’t know that area as well

New Jersey Turnpike approximately $37 the bridge over Staten Island approximately $18 and Baltimore $12 then free to U get to Orlando $16 bee line express

You will see tolls lanes south of DC to Fredericksburg VA, however not required to take- but expect lots of traffic

driving from jfk to Orlando Some rental cars come with EZPass for you to use then you get a bill later to pay
I think Avis offers this
This is best as the toll lanes are shorter and it is accepted in most states

Note: EZ Pass not accepted in FL You can purchase a Sun Pass for $5 at the first FL Rest Stop Link to a credit card for payment

95 straight through Jax no toll beltway around toll, I4 in Orlando no toll, beltway around tolls,

Aeropuerto JFK a Manhattan Somas

Que transported recommending Para ir Del aeropuerto JFK a Manhattan Somas 4

Taxi they have a flat rate and it’s easy

Somas 4 con equipage, hay taxis con esta capacidad

Yes they are I have traveled there many times and it’s the easiest way

Air train to Jamaica center, then E (express) train into Manhattan

Tóma una Van shuttle afuera Del aeropuerto Saludos

Hire a limo we did and it was perfect He took us right to the hotel

subway to midtown Manhattan

If you’re on a budget and traveling not too heavy, then Air Train to Jamaica then the E subway to midtown Manhattan

eso es importante Uds llegan en cual momento de día Si es de mañana, en las horas que gente van al trabajo, o muy tarde, en cuando hay pocos trenes, un taxi o shuttle (tipo BlueVans) puede ser mejor que el metro

I always take the air train until Jamaica center and than subway Which subway depends where you want go But normally you can be in 1 hour in Manhattan I did it many times with no problem


Flying into LaGuardia but I take a free bus to the subway

Always flying into LaGuardia but I take a free bus to the subway and then take the subway to where I’m staying I get a Metro Card in the airport it’s about 32 bucks for a week

I will be flying into La Guardia in May and going to midtown I have been wondering what the best way to get there was

Take the free bus that’s just outside the airport to the subway the rest of the way- I do it all they time
Get the app and buy the metro card at the airport

They have Uber Pool up there it’s a little bit cheaper if you have to take an Uber to her from the airport that’s what I would suggest

The quickest way is taking the A train from JFK right before there is a ticket machine to get your ticket for the Subway

Using the subway with luggage is a hassle if you are inexperienced and traveling in NYC

There shuttles to Manhattan rt outside both airports, LaGuardia & JFK Just ask anyone who works there its only $15

You can take the air train to Jamaica LIRR station at Sutphin Blvd and take the E, J or Z train to Manhattan

From JFK to Marriott Marquis by train or subway

Tell me how to get from JFK to Marriott Marquis by train or subway I think many of you stated it’s the cheapest way

And how much is the weekly pass and does anyone know at what age my kids require a pass

From JFK to Marriott Marquis

A weekly pass is $32 I can’t find the child rates but I believe all children less than 48 inches high can ride free If yours are a bit taller no one will object The nearest subway station to your hotel is the 47-49 Street Station of the W and R trains You need to take the Air Train from JFK to Jamaica where you then pick up an E Train Take the E Train 5 stops to Forest Hills/71 Ave where you switch to an R Train across the platform You should try to be at the front of the R Train.

when you get off at 47-49 Street Station in Manhattan The Air Train does not accept weekly Metro cards so you need to buy a separate fair for that
from JFK to Midtown in your opinion


What is the best way to get from JFK to Midtown 

Check the weather before your trip because it varies a lot here and can change quickly in the course of one day Dress in layers so you can take them off if you get warm walking The best, fastest way to midtown.

is to take the Air train to Jamaica and then LIRR to Penn Station It will cost you $1350-$1650 depending on the time of day From Penn take the subway wherever you need to go The cheapest way, but significantly longer way is Air train to Jamaica and the E to the city $5 Air train + $275 subway fare = $775 and about 45 mines-hour on the subway depending where you get off

Water proof walking boots and take a Lyft from JFK Cabbies like to take the long way where a Lyft drivers have a flate fare you can get the Lyft app in the App Store


Transportation from JFK to north Bergen NJ

How do I get from JFK to North Bergen, NJ what will be the best way to get there Uber, bus, subway I don’t know
Hope to get some help and ideas

There’s an app called Juno that’s the best one I will screen shot the app for you

Lyft, and Uber will be able to pick you up from JFK But if you can, get yourself a Juno ride The price is less compared to the other companies, and Juno only takes 10% of the fare, and the driver gets the rest +tip

Take the E train to 42nd st go to Port Authority to gate 51 and they have a shuttle bus that will take you to North Bergen it costs $350

JFK shuttle services will pick you up, drop u at grand central or penn st Then commuter train to jersey Uber is super $!

Take the path train to Hoboken then New Jersey light rail
Or Uber North Bergen is big, depends on where you’re going exactly


Train from JFK airport to Jamaica station

If taking mass transit: air train from airport to Jamaica, then E train to port authority bus terminal at 42nd st in Manhattan then nj transit buses 121, 125, 127, 128, 154, 156, 158, 159, 165, 166, 168, 320 depending which part of north Bergen do you want to disembark Determine ahead for sure which part of north Bergen to which bus.

The other alternative is air train to Jamaica Then E train to Lexington-53rd in Manhattan then transfer to M train south Disembark at 34th station and take the Path Train to new jersey Newport Station Then take HBLR rail to either Bergen line Ave or Tennille Ave in north Bergen


How to get from JFK to Macy’s

Would a taxi or Uber/Lyft driver take me from JFK to Macy’s Ave in Bed-Stay

A taxi legally has to take you anywhere you want to go While they rarely refuse passengers just Get into the taxi before you tell the driver your destination

Honestly an Uber is going to be easier, cheaper, and cleaner You also won’t have to beg him to turn the AC on There is a designated ride service pick up area and you can select your location down to the section

NASA space shuttle works to, just be careful of surge pricing

Yes you can get an uber from JFK to anywhere

Yellow taxis can charge by the mile, but they also have a fixed rate book ASK

Uber, lift, and Juno are the major ride hailing services in the city, listed in price order from most expensive to cheapest (generally)

They’ll drive you anywhere from JFK but it’s expensive

You can take the free bus to the subway train or any of those –
I take the lyft (tiny bit cheaper) from bed sty to the airport every time


how to get from JFK airport to williamsburg

What is the best way to get from JFK airport to Williamsburg by public transport

Air train-subway J-M

Air Tran to the A and then transfer to the L

You could take the B15 bus from the area of Woodhull Hospital to Lefferts Blvd Air Train station because you only pay $275 not 775

Bus is right outside the airport door grab a subway card at the machine and hump on the bus they run every 7 min or so

I take the q70 to 74th And Roosevelt then ask a subway attendant which train you need
I think you need the j train
It’s really easy

A train to junction Blvd Transfer to L or M,

J depends on where in Williamsburg

On average how long are the customs queues at JFK airport – due to land at about 9 am on a Friday morning

You have to hope and pray that there are no delays in other parts of the world where planes are coming in, because you’re packed to capacity immigrations/customs no joke at JFK it’s very hot and you must be patient!

It can very depending on how busy arrivals are as a citizen, I’ve waited anywhere from 25 min to 2 hours

is the M60 SBS bus which you can pick up at any terminal It will take you over the Triboro (RFK) Bridge to 125th St and Second Ave From there it stops along 125th St and goes to Broadway and 106th St It connects to all N/S bus routes and all subway lines You pay at a ticket machine at the curb before boarding so you would need a Metro Card You can pay cash but you will need a lot of quarters If there is a newsstand in the terminal

When I stay in lower Manhattan I’ve found that car companies are cheaper than cabs


Buy a Metro card in the airline terminal

Buy a Metro card in the airline terminal (Hudson News or by the exit), then catch the Q70 bus (pay before boarding) to Jackson Heights/Roosevelt for the E F M R 7 trains Alternatively the M60 bus (pay before boarding too) connects with N W 4 5 6 2 3 A B C D 1 trains, in that order

I wouldn’t do this if it’s your first time in NYC with luggage, etc Rent a town car (Carmel Car Service) or do the Airport Shuttle, which is very reasonable into the city

The airport bus is convenient and less expensive than a car or taxi

M60 bus, q70 bus is direct from 74 st station



 Take a Yellow cab from JFK

Take a Yellow cab Those guys deserve our support and it’s the only car I’ll ride in the city Only use Uber or Lyft in the boroughs I’m arriving home in a couple of hours from a biz trip and will proudly take a yellow cab home!

Take the M-60 bus, into the city and then take a cab from there or the bus or subway

I took an M60 from Terminal A to Second Ave at 125th Street four days ago around 2:30 in the afternoon Trip was about 20 minutes

Cab to nearest train station using the tri-borough bridge into Manhattan depending where you are going


from JFK to Union Square park area

Anyone know about getting from JFK to Union Square park area Something about a LIRR I read about but can’t find a definitive answer If someone would take me through it step by step including what tickets I need to purchase that would be great! Any senior or kid rates

I use Google maps Have you tried that I did a quick search and it looked like it air train, to Jamaica station, LIRR to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn and then the subway to Union square There may be other ways but it’s easier with exact addresses.

You can buy a metro card for the subway at the station( They have kiosks or sometimes a ticket counter) and it looks like you may be able to purchase LIRR tickets online or with an app for your phone but Jamaica station should have a ticket counter or kiosks there as well

Take the air train to Howard Beach/LIRR/E train Take the E to 53/Lexington then transfer to the 6 and get off at 14 St/Union Sq Alternatively, you can take LIRR from Jamaica / Sutphin Blvd to Penn Station and take the A/C/E to 14th and walk to Union Sq from there

Take 14 St Path train to 33rd take Penns station Ronkonkoma train (lirr) to Jamaica station Get on air train to airport

Air train to Jamaica, than a southbound E to 14th st you can walk union sq from there, or transfer to R train to union sq

How much in a cab From JFK to Manhattan

I’m with John Canary: depending on how much luggage you’re carrying, Air Train to Jamaica, subway E train to 14th Street, walk to Union Sq Skip the LIRR–too many schedules/transfers/complications There are Metro card machines when you transfer at Jamaica I think it’s $5 for Air Train and a bit under $3 for the subway per person

How much in a cab for 4 people plus cases do they do people carriers large enough to accommodate 4 adults plus cases From JFK to Manhattan

Approximately $2500

There is a shuttle bus for about 25 bucks per person from JFK to Grand Central Every taxi I ever took to/from midtown to JFK or La Guardia was about 50 bucks

You should not not be charged according to the number of passengers or pieces of luggage you are simply charged the meter fare the fare should be about $50-60 but if you get stuck in traffic keep in mind that the meter keeps running try to avoid rush hour


From JFK and any location in Manhattan

For a NYC Medallion taxi you should pay the flat rate

To/From JFK and any location in Manhattan
Onscreen rate is ‘Rate #02 – JFK Airport’
This is a flat fare of $52 plus tolls, the 50-cent MTA State Surcharge, the 30-cent Improvement Surcharge, and $450 rush hour surcharge (4 PM to 8 PM weekdays, excluding legal holidays)

bit of advise is needed please Going to NY in December How much is it for a travel card for subway and buses for adult and what age does child go up too

Also there will be 3 adults and a teenager with 4 large suitcases, will there be big enough taxis to take us to our hotel from JFK Also how much roughly does a taxi cost from JFK to Times Square Tia

We used Uber If you are stuck in traffic, the taxi fee is going up even when you are going nowhere you pay for Uber upfront so you know the cost as soon as you order someone just ask for a van if you have many suitcases


From JFK take a bus up or downtown

A flat fare to Manhattan by taxi will run you about $80 including tip, so figure it will be around $20 per person Use that as a guide when pricing other methods The taxi dispatcher will put you in a taxi that fits all four of you As to getting around town while you are here, yes, an unlimited Metro Card is excellent but it.

will cost you $32 for each one-week card and you need four Something to consider is that getting around Manhattan in daytime is a traffic nightmare.

I have always used the city buses but now trying to take a bus up or downtown is a horror on a weekday Taxis get stuck in that same traffic too! The subways are always faster than any surface transport on weekdays the cross town bus routes are generally better than the North/South routes at most times

Can anyone give me any ideas on the best way to get from JFK to Madison square gardens transport wise?

Take the air train from JFK to Howard beach subway station and then transfer to a subway and go to 34 Th street station

U can take the air train from every terminal at JFK

map of NYC subway system

Heres a map of NYC subway system you cam look it over and decide witch train you would like to take you have the A train ,The E train that will take you to penn station Madison Square Garden Good luck in your travels hope this helps and if anything ask a new Yorker they will help lol

Levin by the way, the train can add an extra 1 to 2 hrs to your trip depending on what time you get there and avoid it between 8 am to 9am and 4 pm to 6 pm that’s rush hour and it can get quite intimidating if you’re not a city perso id say take a taxi

Ps rush hour is when the city is at its worse for travel, you have 8 million people trying to get from work to their homes and vise versa, I know this because I was one of those 8 millonlol happy travels

to Madison Square Gardens

Take the yellow cab one flat fare to Madison Square Gardens Right outside the doors you will find a line to get into then you will be assigned a legal yellow cab

The air train out of JFK to Jamaica great is and from there the subway is pretty straightforward Last time I did this the total cost from terminal to midtown Manhattan was about $750

take from the airport, it arrives

There is bus you con take from the airport, it arrives every 15 minutes, the cost is low $ 1500 it takes you close to the Pennsylvania Hotel, which is located in front of the Madison Square Garden

That’s what I used too Rosy Barrera last time I was there I paid only $20 from the airport straight to My Hotel in Manhattan Super Shuttle even handles your luggage for you

This might sound like a silly question, but when at JFK airport, I’ve read in couple travel books there is a flat fare to midtown Manhattan by yellow taxi which is $45 (plus toll & tip) Do I have to go to a certain pick up area where they are hailed for us or wave one down myself


about JFK but at LaGuardia the yellow cabs

Not sure about JFK but at LaGuardia the yellow cabs are lined up in que right outside the baggage claim area doors I would assume something similar at JFK

At JFK there is a yellow cab que outside the arrivals building, and yes flat fare into the city they normally give you a leaflet you can read on the way into the city that explains everything

It’s usually $56 from JFK You have to queue outside and wait There is usually a security guy there to help It’s all flat rate Most cabs state on the side Flat rate JFK

I flew into LG last Monday I booked a super shuttle to my hotel in city for $18 it’s called Super Shuttle Check it out may be an option

It’s $52 plus tolls We just took it last Saturday A courtesy tip is expected as well There’s a huge area marked Taxi there and don’t fall for people meeting you out the gate asking if you need a taxi cuz that’s not a real taxi


Air train then subway to Midtown, cheaper

Take the air train then subway to Midtown, cheaper the taxi is $52 to anywhere in Manhattan (including toll) they are outside every terminal

Use the air train instead, change at Jamaica station to the E train into Manhattan $7 total

$52 flat rate to Manhattan You will see the queue when you come through

there is a flat rate I fly in and out of JFK ever time I’m been to NYC You have to add $5 for the tunnel plus a tip It’s the same going back to JFK

I think getting a cab is all part of the hole going to NYC When I went with my niece and nephew I asked them if they wanted to get a cab or I’d book a nice car to pick us up They voted for the taxi

It cost $55 versus $7 taking Air Tran & taking subway! Who says that taking a cab is part of the New York experience! It would be more of an experience taking Air Transport & subway!

What the prices/rates are for a taxi/uber in New York Specifically from JFK to Time Square

I paid $115 from JFK to new jersey uber it was uber black suv

$50 roughly
Lyft is a good taxi to use


You can jump on the E Subway

If you don’t have much luggage, you can jump on the E Subway and then transfer much cheaper and faster as well! Have a great time! Just Google NY Subway systems, should be able to give you everything you need to know about getting around the City

If you don’t have so much luggage you have to have a taxi, look up Air Train It takes you right to downtown, including the Times Square/ 42nd Street though I like to get off at I think it’s 59th and Lex-the diamond district It’s $7 and you pay at the end

For yellow, $525+toll+tip but for uber it depends on their surcharging price rate

Used to be a flat rate of $45 plus toll – I think it has gone up to $52 plus toll

Fixed rate of $60 get the taxis number off the official at rank

Around 5400 from JFK to port authority it’s really really easy to take the subway u can take the e or a train to Manhattan and it would cost like 20 bucks after the air train from JFK to Jamaica station


Super Shuttle from airport to hotel

There’s always Super Shuttle from airport to hotel $18 last time I was there 2 years ago

It should be 60 or 65 but if Taxi Driver takes a short cut to save the time from getting stuck in the traffic then he might take you through the Queens tunnel which connects to Manhattan for which he will charge you total $75

It cost me $58 to get from JFK (all the way out in the farthest part of Queens) to the Upper West Side of Manhattan

We used shuttle buses was so much cheaper and takes you right to the hotel door was about £1250 one way per adult

Take the air train to Howard Beach station for $700 From there you can take the A train to Times Square You can get an unlimited card good for seven days for $3100 If you buy the card from the vendor there instead of the machine you save the card fee

I haven’t been on an airplane in 15 years How long does the processes take at JFK if im going to Mexico this summer
My flight is around 12 pm
When should I be there?


Mexico and the way JFK

I flew in Feb to Mexico and the way JFK Go 10am minimum

Once I was in a bus going to the airport when I struck up a conversation with a flight attendant and asked what time her flight was leaving It was an international flight She said, “Five hours” She said she would rather wait at the airport than at home because you cannot predict what traffic is going to be I always try to arrive a minimum of three hours before a domestic flight and four hours for international


I prefer to get JFK there early

No later than 10am I prefer to get JFK there early & not stress & grab coffee if I have extra time I’d get there by 9 to be safe

Planning my second trip back up But everything I pull up has me flying into JFK So two questions , last time I flew into LGA & loved it But how is JFK & when is the best time to fly up Like weather wise , & price wise

I’ve visited twice in June The first time was perfect comfortable temperature and last June was a bit on the hot side Hard to say with the ever changing weather year to year July could be perfect or hot hot

fly into New York City I always fly into JFK

When I fly into New York City I always fly into JFK The reason is a can get a cab into the city with one flat rate You can also take the A train into the city from the airport JFK to me is a cleaner airport May is a good month to visit, November toward the end of the month to see all the holiday decor August is the worst month too hot

A good way to get to JFK is to get the sky rail from queens It’s much shorter than the A train


JFK is the much better airport

JFK is the much better airport, the other two are pretty bad Newark would be my 2nd choice since you can take the train easily into the city Come April to June or after the summer

I always go during the holidays usually the first week in December or the middle of November and its always been perfect weather no snow yet We always stay at the boutique hotel chain in NYC called Affinia and they are wonderful We are from California and always fly into LGA, but this year I think we’re going to try JFK so we can get a direct flight

I think October would be a great time for you to go but if you’re going to consider holiday decorations they start after the middle of November I think Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular starts in the middle of November and from then on they just start adding more and more decorations There’s really no place like New York City during the holidays


Travel program to NYC on a budget 6 day tour of NYC

cheap good steakhouse in nyc peter luger steak house

NYC hotel times square cheap New york city hotel family room

Places to visit in New York state in winter December January

What is the cheapest way to get from LaGuardia to Times Square

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