New York is a wonderful city I’d love to visit it one day

New York is a wonderful city I’d love to visit it one day

This article is a feedback from New York City residents and every article in this article is intended for people living in New York City

New Yorkers

What do you guys love about New York

New York is a wonderful city I don’t need a car It’s a super vegan friendly city Virtually every big cultural event comes this way Every ethnicity can be found here, and their cuisine too
Always a bonus when you don’t have to have a car! So many ways to get where you need to be!


I love New York City because of it Everything you need

Real restaurants and Bagels I love New York City because of it

Oh yeah that real authentic NY pizza! Oh dude your making me hungry

I bet so many nationalities like a big melting pot! Oh dude New York pizza never had the real stuff!

The food, the places, the weather

I love New York City because of it Diversity, straight forward people, the streets and subway entertainment, variety of restaurants, no car needed You can survive anywhere after living in New York

I love New York City because of it New York gets in drinking water from upstate Where towns were flooded so NYC can have water The Hudson River is great So is the Atlantic Ocean

Every thing every detail
The detail that’s what you need to pay attention to in every major cities and countries! Especially in New York

There are so many things that make me love New York The fact that it’s the big apple, it got attractions such as Statue of Liberty, The Staten Island Ferry, Its got awesome places like Manhattan, Long Island & Times Square It home of more than 30 million people ,over 800 languages spoken which makes it the most multi cultural ,most diverse city in the world Its you can be anything here, what ever you want It’s the city where dreams are made & never really sleeps

I love New York City because of it

The little neighborhoods within, 24 hr subways, 24hr everything really! Food choices, store front windows, museums, diverse peoples,

White Castle I know but I still go home to eat them can get it in Virginia

Being born here makes NYC my home town Love it because it’s festive and ever changing

It never sleeps You got stores and restaurants that stay opened 24/7 and subway train service is 24/7 as well

Having been born and raised in the lower Hudson Valley, NY I Love everything about it (60 miles north of the Bronx)

The energy, the buildings, the food, the various cultures, shopping, ability to walk everywhere, egg creams, the parks, ferry, to name a few

New York is a wonderful city

I really hope you get a chance to go there one day – beautiful city My place on earth Been there nine times and will definitely go there again

I’m in the single digits now and counting down before I am in New York Only waited 37 years to get there Dreams do come true especially if you dream of being in New York

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