Imagine you’re in New York City. Complete the suggestions

Imagine you’re in New York City. Complete the suggestions

Imagine you’re in New York City. Complete the suggestions


These are suggestions for visiting New York City – the views of New York City residents or residents nearby

From NEW YORK CITY or live outside and visit from time to time?

In Australia but lived in NEW YORK CITY for 24 years… miss it so much

My wife and I live in Australia. We spent a week in Manhattan last year. Obviously it was not long enough. It’s an awesome city. We are traveling over again in April.

I’m from Germany and in March it will be my third time in NEW YORK CITY.

Live in Canada visiting New York for the first time in May. Can’t wait!!!

I’m from Rome, Italy and in May it will be my second time in NEW YORK CITY.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa and have visited NEW YORK CITY 5 times. I’ll be returning for a week in May. You could say I enjoy the city.

imp in Adelaide Australia. Been there once and going back in sept.

Live in Canada and went to NEW YORK CITY once would definitely love to go back.

Live in Jamaica my dream is to visit New York one day soon

I grew up in NEW YORK CITY and now live in the Midwest on a 130 acre farm with a river running through it. I come home for a city fix every year in the summer for sure

I worked in Manhattan downtown WTC, midtown Park Ave for 30 yrs now I live overseas but I try visiting my beloved city almost every year

I live close to NEW YORK CITY. (In New Rochelle). I go to Manhattan by going on the metro north railroad train on the new haven line.

I moved to the States from Colombia at 8 years old and the first place I landed was NEW YORK CITY. I grew up in the streets of queens NY and attended college in the Bronx till I joined the Navy and got stationed out in WA State. Try to come home every year

I live in the U.K., got my 4th visit to NEW YORK CITY coming up on Wednesday

Live in NEW YORK CITY. Moved here from Cali to follow my dream

Quite outside. In Germany but in 2010 when I first traveled to NEW YORK CITY on my own I fell in love with the city and its people

Southampton England. Visit NEW YORK CITY when I can. I love it.

Australia BUT love NEW YORK CITY and hope to visit ONE day

Live in Liverpool, UK visited a few times. Wish I lived in NEW YORK CITY

I was born in New York city

I was born in New York city

Born and raised in the Bronx! Now living in upstate NEW YORK CITY

Live in Peterborough S.A. Australia. Visited a friend in CT and went to NEW YORK CITY for 2 daytrips. Went up the top of ESB and loved Manhattan. Visited the 9/11 reflection pools and museum. Very moving. Stayed in Danbury CT. Everyone I dealt with courteous and helpful and friendly going back in sept

Cincinnati and visit NEW YORK CITY multiple times a year. I love it

Born and raised in Ridgewood NY. 1950-1979. Moved to WI in 1980. Visit family and friends as often as possible.


I live in New York and work in new Jersey – Brooklyn

Born in Brooklyn New York then at 13 we moved to Richmond Hill Queens New York, then Long Island till I was 56. My husband retired from the Long Island Rail Road and we moved to Florida in 2000. I go back to NEW YORK CITY ever two or three years for a vacation.

I’m from Denmark, but I lived in NY for 3 years ’12 – ’15 (and visited for a month in ’09 and 3 months in ’10). I’m hoping that I can move back someday again,

I live in the North East of England and will be visiting in June and November this year. I visit as often as I can. I love the City.

Born in Queens. Lived on Long Island until my early 30’s and now I’m in Florida. I visit a few times a year

Glasgow Scotland stayed there for 6 months and visited about 6 times has a lot I of family there

I have been out of New York since 1984. Born and raised there and I come back once a year to visit family and friends. New York will always be home. Will be back one day it will be my permanent resident until HE, JESUS comes

Live in Ohio. Love NEW YORK CITY. Come every year. Many friends there now.

Native New Yorker, now living in Chicago, north suburbs

Live in Ga, but visit about once a year!!! My favorite city in the world

Canada, love the pictures and yes I was there after a cruise for just one day

Born in the Bronx, raised and live in Queens

Live in Seattle now but visit when I can, fell in love with NEW YORK CITY when I was 4 when my parents & I lived in Philadelphia & we took trips up to NEW YORK CITY because my Dad had a best friend that lived in Brooklyn & that is when I was in Macy’s Herald Square for the first time

Barbara, Qld, Australia. Just obsessed with NY. Been once in 2001 and they put fireworks on for my birthday (4th July) on my bucket list to come back.

Worked in NEW YORK CITY for many years. Now in Venice Fl

I used to live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; I currently live in Glen Head, Long Island

I was born and raised on Long Island, but have live in Florida for the last 40 years…Believe it or not, when I was growing up, we never went into the city!! I have been there only once in my entire life! That was about 8 years ago!! The city is alive and exciting!! I love it!!

Live about 30 minutes outside NEW YORK CITY in lower Westchester County

Yes from LES Baruch house born and raised moved to Puerto Rico

Lived in Manhattan for 16 wonderful years. Live 80 miles away and go back to visit. Miss it SO much.

Born in Iowa, lived in Nebraska for years, moved to Boulder, Colorado (btw, one of the most beautiful cities in the world) for 7 years, moved to Alphabet City/East Village 3 years ago. Adjusting

Born in Iowa, lived in Nebraska for years, moved to Boulder, Colorado (btw, one of the most beautiful cities in the world) for 7 years, moved to Alphabet City/East Village 3 years ago. Adjusting

I live in Scotland but have family in New York so I visit every year

I was born in NY, now live in Florida, and usually come back to NY for a visit of about a week every two years

Parents and grandparents lived on east 89th St then we briefly moved to the Bronx then to Long Island

I lived in the East Village, NEW YORK CITY in the 80’s & moved to Georgia (north of Atlanta) in 1990 but have visited NEW YORK CITY since moving! My husband (an Atlanta) loves it there

Lived there age 2 to 25 (except for time away at college). Now live abroad. Family still lives there so I visit 1-2x/year

Lived there my whole life.. Moved to Florida 4 1/2 years ago. Go back to visit my FAM. I’m 50 now

Used to live there. Worked in Manhattan lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Born in the Bronx, lived in Queens and grew up in L.I.! Been In Texas for over 25 years, but always a New Yorker!

Live in Jersey, work on Wall Street. The only time I’m not in the city is the weekend’s lol

I’m from Aberdeen, Scotland.. But am “addicted” to the great City of New York if that makes sense?! Money & Time means that I have only been three times, but am always planning & scheming for my next visit

Live in Ohio but visit every year! I’d love to live there. I’m envious of people who do!

Lived in the city..Bought a house in Pennsylvania but still back and forth every chance I get

Hi I’m from Sydney Australia. Visit from time to time, mainly for self-induced training

From NJ. Spent lots of time in the city. Now in Fl. miss NEW YORK CITY

Live in Houston, TX and from Houston

Live in Houston, TX and from Houston, but lived in New York from 2006-2009, and I still visit NY all the time like twice a year love NY

I live on the other side of the World Down under but NEW YORK CITY IS my favorite city

I was born there; lived in Queens for the first four years of my life. But I have strong roots thanks to my grandparents. I even had a tribute tattoo drawn up to symbolize this. Now I live in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, about an hour away. I visit often.

From Bronx, New York but currently living in Atlanta! Miss New York.

Born and raised in the Bronx

Born and raised in the Bronx. Lived in Westchester County until 3 years ago when I moved to Arizona. NY is and always will be my home

I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada. My first visit to NEW YORK CITY was 4/2011. I’ve been back seven times and will be arriving April 27th again. Can’t get enough of it


New York is a wonderful city I’d love to visit it one day

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