visa status of administrative processing cases procedures SAO

Visa status of administrative processing cases procedures SAO

And many people around the world
They ask about the status of the US visa – administrative processing 2019 – ministrative processing us visa -administrative processing after visa approval- visa approved but administrative processing 2019

 We will discuss the following

Visa status of administrative processing cases

Administrative processing after visa approval

Check my visa

How to get american visa

How long it takes to process the US visa

Why are administrative processing carried out

How long the administrative processing in the US Embassy


Administrative processing SAO

In this article, we will present how the administrative procedures of the American visa and how the other consul or the US Immigration Department think in general about the length of time in the administrative procedures

before issuing the visa or not and how you know that under any kind of administrative procedures in the US Immigration Administration But after checking everything about you they have the largest information center in the world and if what you gave them true you sure you will pass it successfully but it may take some time Do not worry if you are a correct data provider and your papers are correct

Why are administrative processing carried out

Any document submitted by doubt, albeit a small percentage that there is something wrong, it must be confirmed

Your data is similar with other data that has a non-clean security record
Your specialization, study or experience in working in a field enables you to steal information
Or to be prohibited from traveling.

After the interview, the immigration officer or consular officer has the right to postpone the decision to grant or deny him all the visa until consulting with the consular mission or with the US Immigration and Citizenship Office. The reason is that new or even old information is found that would make it impossible to issue the visa to the applicant


Here we have to distinguish between the terms “Ineligibility vs. Inadmissibility “

Meaning that you are not eligible for the visa because you lack one of its terms becomes ineligible and between the presence of barriers to enter the United States in general becomes inadmissible so it is possible that the consul informs you the word congratulations in the sense that his work is finished and you are eligible you get the visa and sometimes sworn oath at the US Embassy and with At the end of the interview, you will be handed the administrative procedures paper.

In another case

There are some shortcomings in the papers provided by you and this is why you are handed a paper asking you to complete the shortcomings and even after sending the required papers from you sometimes delayed reply very In this case you are “ineligible meaning I’m still not worthy of the visa, but also contained inadmissible meaning in the barriers to enter America and Here is the color of the paper administrative procedures sometimes have meaning in the case that you are ineligible and inadmissible then waiting for special administrative procedures inadmissibility and its importance and deal based on what is your case.

And finally touches on ineligibility

Or begin to look at the missing papers in the light of the excess information that you have been asked to return again. It is possible that someone is inadmissible or there are other contraindications to enter America and you are often under one of the types of inadmissibility and the consul needs clearance

Or what is called a security statement allows you to enter America and make sure that you do not constitute a danger and in general they have strange names to clarify about these types of visa.

Postponement of the American Visa

He has three strange aliases

– The administrative processing of Visa D USA
– The administrative processing of Visa H USA
– The administrative processing of Visa A USA


 DATABASE HIT administrative processing

Alias for this type of security action “visa d”

The immigration officer gets your fingerprints and gets acquainted with the criminal fiche and all the professions you worked in before, and your scientific specialization and the weapon in which you served if you were recruited in your country. Some countries have conscripts in addition to your photo.

They have a sophisticated program used by the US Department of Immigration (CLASS). The nature of its work combines all the information related to the student visa and looks for your name by changing some letters or even the name of the father and grandfather and the family and urging carefully inside all the databases of the US Federal Defense and Federal Bureau of Defense

And states and intelligence and even mutual information m with the countries m m and based on the basis of any amount associated with data in the data name and data close to your data

The immigration officer US

Then the immigration officer must ask the Security Advisory Opinion for a thorough security check on you and send all the information he has to the federal police or the intelligence or any of the people who reached your name as a suspect, most people, this measure is spent two months and there are people who go through a period of administrative procedures Months and a small percentage possible more than a year and sometimes longer


 TECHNOLOGY ALERT Hit administrative processing H

This is the nickname for the security procedure “
The database is specially designed to transfer and steal technology and import certain professions with precise scientific disciplines for further clarification

US Immigration Department is a large and depend on security devices with a high level of accuracy you can not enter the United States of America if you are stolen from technology and information,

whether military or engineering or scientific Unfortunately, most engineers and programmers may be included under this item and this is normal that some Professions Depending on the number of years of experience and the companies in which they work, it is possible for these professions to make the consul request additional security approvals when you enter the United States. This requires more inquiries.

Visa condor administrative processing C

This type of administrative procedure falls under most Islamic countries or countries with groups classified as terrorist

And there is a thing called t7 and these seven countries banned from travel and in another list of 26 countries, mostly Arab Islamic countries of the consul’s right to ask for more accurate investigations about you

If you doubt any information about you, for example, if you traveled to Sudan or any other country listed in the security investigation department more than once without a logical reason or are not able to bring evidence of all your movements or be in your country but lived in another country listed in the list Or have worked there or served in the army for a long time or have anyone from your family travel to a prohibited country

Requested by the US Embassy

Add to your political and religious views on social networking sites and sometimes state security inquiries about you if requested by the US Embassy. This is different from the Criminal Case newspaper. This type of government investigation is classified because it is possible to expose diplomatic relations with cooperating countries to danger or embarrassment. Reduce the power and efficiency of research


How long the administrative processing in the US Embassy

How long will the administrative procedures in the US Embassy take? If you enter administrative procedures, wait two months and send an email. If the reply is delayed, send an email every month because the US Embassy actually has nothing in hand and is waiting for the response.

The administrative procedures shall take 60 days of the interview and the rest is done during this period

And that the immigration officer has a vision that the student visa is not worthy of the visa INELEGIBILITY ISSUES and often ask for more evidence and ask the consular mission to communicate with the administration to ask for more evidence of if the failure of the progress of the required papers, but often time after a period to send to USCIS


Visa and waiting for NOIR

And ask them to cancel the visa and waiting for NOIR or paper tells you what areas of weakness and the reason to refuse the visa and waiting for your response stronger evidence, either confirm the rejection or agree again and send to the US embassy in your country.

But it is difficult for the US consul to deal with each case from the files that he has this accuracy is certainly there is a specialized group of administrative procedures, including people who follow the accounts of beneficiaries on social networking sites, including the nature of their work investigations within the area and the city of the beneficiary


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